Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Composite decks can cost around 40% or more (depending on manufacturer and product grade) than an all wood deck. One thing to keep in mind is that wood decks require more maintenance (staining and sealing) and over time the cost do add up. In the long run a composite deck will provide a greater value and offer a better resale value to your home.

Yes, There is no such thing as a maintenance free deck! Composite decks are low maintenance and do require the occasional wash with a hose to remove dirt and keep clean. Wood decks require more work in order to protect it from the elements. We recommend sealing the deck shortly after installation and resealing once every year after for the life of the deck.

Yes, we build all year round.

Yes, most decks take a couple days to 2 weeks to complete. However keep in mind with larger and complex projects they take up more time because the decision making and detail.

This answer is based on completion of the construction process. Reminder that this doesn't take into account the drawings, HOA approvals and county or city permits.

Yes, we have excellent references just ask and we'll gladly send a list of customers we recently performed work for.

Yes, we pull all zoning and building permits for your convenience. We only ask that our customers supply us with their house plat. We need this drawing to show the deck location on the property.

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